# Interface StyledMeasureColumn

Wrapped Measure Column with styles controlling how the measure is visualized in a chart.

# Example

Example of using StyledMeasureColumn to mix a column series of Total Revenue to a line chart.

Note that the chart doesn't display a second Y-axis on the right but that can be customized by style options.

    category: [
        column: DM.Commerce.Date.Months,
        dateFormat: 'yy-MM',
    value: [
        column: measureFactory.sum(DM.Commerce.Quantity),
        showOnRightAxis: true,
        chartType: 'column',
    breakBy: [],

See also StyledColumn.

# Properties

# chartType

chartType?: SeriesChartType

Series chart type, which is used with StyledMeasureColumn to customize series in a mixed chart.

# color

color?: DataColorOptions

All possible color options for data.

# column

column: MeasureColumn | CalculatedMeasureColumn

Wrapped MeasureColumn or CalculatedMeasureColumn

# connectNulls

connectNulls?: boolean

Boolean flag whether to connect a graph line across null points or render a gap

# dataBars

dataBars?: boolean

Boolean flag whether to display data bars for this measure in the pivot table.

# numberFormatConfig

numberFormatConfig?: NumberFormatConfig

Configuration for number formatting.

# seriesStyleOptions

seriesStyleOptions?: SeriesStyleOptions

Specific style options to be applied to specific series in Chart. Supported only for cartesian and polar charts.

# showOnRightAxis

showOnRightAxis?: boolean

Boolean flag whether to show this value/measure on the right axis (true) or on the left axis (false).

# sortType

sortType?: SortDirection

Sorting direction, either in Ascending order, Descending order, or None

# totalsCalculation

totalsCalculation?: TotalsCalculation

Calculation for the totals of this measure in the pivot table.

# treatNullDataAsZeros

treatNullDataAsZeros?: boolean

Boolean flag whether null values are treated as zeros in the chart