# Interface StyledColumn

Wrapped Column with styles controlling how the column is visualized in a chart.

# Example

An example of using StyledColumn to change the date format of the months displayed on the x-axis.

    category: [
        column: DM.Commerce.Date.Months,
        dateFormat: 'yy-MM',
    value: [
        column: measureFactory.sum(DM.Commerce.Quantity),
        showOnRightAxis: true,
        chartType: 'column',
    breakBy: [],

Also, see StyledMeasureColumn.

# Properties

# column

column: Column

Wrapped Column

# continuous

continuous?: boolean

Boolean flag to toggle continuous timeline on this date column.

# dateFormat

dateFormat?: string

Date format.

See ECMAScript Date Time String Format (opens new window)

Note that 'YYYY' and 'DD' have been disabled since they often get confused with 'yyyy' and 'dd' and can produce unexpected results.

# geoLevel

geoLevel?: ScattermapLocationLevel

Geographic location level for Scattermap chart.

# granularity

granularity?: string

Date granularity that works with continuous timeline.

Values from @sisense/sdk-data!DateLevels.

# includeSubTotals

includeSubTotals?: boolean

Boolean flag whether to include subtotals for this dimension in the pivot table.

# isColored

isColored?: boolean

# isHtml

isHtml?: boolean

Boolean flag whether to render category/column value as HTML in the Table component.

# numberFormatConfig

numberFormatConfig?: NumberFormatConfig

Configuration for number formatting.

# sortType

sortType?: SortDirection | PivotRowsSort

Sorting configuration that represents either SortDirection or PivotRowsSort for the pivot table