# Interface CartesianChartDataOptions

Configuration for how to query aggregate data and assign data to axes of a Cartesian chart.

These charts can include multiple values on both the X and Y-axis, as well as a break-down by categories displayed on the Y-axis.

# Properties

# breakBy

breakBy: (StyledColumn | Column)[]

Columns (or attributes) by which to break (group) the data represented in the chart.

Each group is represented by a different visual encoding - for example, color of bars in a bar chart, and is automatically added to the chart's legend.

# category

category: (StyledColumn | Column)[]

Columns (or attributes) whose values are placed on the X-axis.

Typically, the X-axis represents descriptive data.

# seriesToColorMap

seriesToColorMap?: ValueToColorMap

Optional mapping of each of the series to colors.

# value

value: (MeasureColumn | CalculatedMeasureColumn | StyledMeasureColumn)[]

Measure columns (or measures) whose values are scaled to the Y-axis of the chart.

Each measure is represented as a series in the chart.