# Interface LevelAttribute

Date Level Attribute associated with a granularity - for example, Years, Quarters, Months, Days.

# Methods

# format

format(format): LevelAttribute

Gets a formatted instance with the given definition.

# Parameters

Parameter Type Description
format string Format string

# Returns


A formatted instance of this level attribute

# getFormat

getFormat(): undefined | string

String formatting of this instance.

# Returns

undefined | string

string formatting

# getSort

getSort(): Sort

Gets the sort definition.

# Returns


The Sort definition

# sort

sort(sort): Attribute

Sorts the attribute by the given definition

# Parameters

Parameter Type Description
sort Sort Sort definition

# Returns


An sorted instance of the attribute

# Properties

# expression

readonly expression: string

Expression representing the element in a JAQL query (opens new window). It is typically populated automatically in the data model generated by the data model generator.

# granularity

readonly granularity: string

Granularity of the level. See supported granularity values at DateLevels.

# name

name: string

Element name

# type

readonly type: string

Element type