# Compose SDK Beta

Compose SDK is a software development kit that enables a composable, code-driven way to use Sisense platform capabilities. Build analytics and data-driven experiences into your product with code using Compose SDK, a set of client-side libraries and components for query composition, data visualization, and more.

  • Create Sisense queries, charts, and filters directly from your application code No predefined dashboards or widgets required - or render existing widgets by ID. Mix and match approaches to fit your needs.
  • Composable, modular and extensible Use our components, customize them, or bring your own. Compose SDK works equally well for building new applications or upgrading existing ones to use Sisense’s powerful analytics platform.
  • Built with developer experience in mind The SDK is available via GitHub and NPM, supports TypeScript and React, and includes documentation, code samples and CLI tools that help you get things done with ease.

You should know

  • Compose SDK is currently in Beta - Packages, APIs, and anything else is bound to change
  • Compose SDK currently supports development using TypeScript & React. Additional frameworks will be supported in the future
  • The Compose SDK GitHub repository (opens new window) is a monorepo containing all SDK packages. You can find the individual packages here (opens new window)

Example/Demo Application

A demo application for Compose SDK + TypeScript + React is available in: compose-sdk-react-demo (opens new window).

# What can I do with Compose SDK?

  • Execute composable queries on Sisense Data Models directly from your client application and use the data to drive your application's behavior, or render custom visualizations
  • Render ad-hoc data visualizations generated from code, based on Sisense data or your own
  • Embed visualizations from pre-defined Sisense Widgets
  • Create interactive data exploration with Filter components

# Who can use Compose SDK?

Compose SDK is currently in Beta, and is available to all Sisense Customers.

To use Compose SDK Beta, you will need:

  • Access to a Sisense instance with Sisense Linux version L2022.11 or later
  • An application built using React and TypeScript (additional frameworks will be supported later)
  • A NodeJS package manager (npm or yarn)