# Embedding Sisense Dashboards

You can use two Sisense embedding methods to embed full Sisense dashboards into your web application: basic embedding with iFrame, or Embed SDK for more advanced use-cases. Depending on your choice of embedding method, you can create different levels of interactivity for your users.

See Dashboards (opens new window) feature documentation for more information about Sisense Dashboards.

# Choosing the right approach

Not sure whether to use iFrame or Embed SDK? No problem! Refer to the table below for a quick comparison:

Method iFrame Embed SDK
Language/Framework Basic HTML JavaScript
Time to Deploy Very fast Fast
Flexibility Limited Medium
What can be embedded
  • Entire UI
  • Dashboards
  • Widget editor
  • Entire UI
  • Dashboards
  • Widget editor
Best use case Simple static embedding Interactive embedding of entire dashboards

# Things to keep in mind

When embedding Sisense dashboards in your application, your application will need secure and authenticated access to remote resources on the Sisense server such as APIs and files. Depending on your situation, you may need to consider:

  • Authentication & SSO
  • Various browser-server security features such as CORS and CSRF
  • Ensuring your application client has HTTP access to your Sisense instance

Please refer to the Access & Security section for more information.