# Custom REST Connector Config: Credentials

The Credentials object contains authentication parameters whose values can be received by executing an HTTP call to the REST authority (Action).


Name Type Required Description
Auth object Yes Action configuration to get authentication parameters. See Auth Details

# Auth Details

Name Type Required Description
Name string Yes Auth type
Public string Yes Is public
Schema string Yes Http or Https
Method string Yes HTTP Method (i.e: GET)
Base string Yes Base URL (with port, if required)
Path string Yes API endpoint path
Headers object No Hash of header parameters
PathParameters object No Hash of path parameters
QueryParameters object No Hash of query parameters
Body object No Request body object

# Example

In this example, the authentication parameter "access_code" can be referenced in the other configuration sections as [@Credentials.Auth.@~Doc.access_token]. For more information, click here.

"Credentials": {
    "Auth": {
      "Name": "OAuth2",
      "Public": "False",
      "Schema": "Https",
      "Method": "GET",
      "Base": "[@Settings.Parameters.uri]",
      "Path": "identity/oauth/token",
      "Headers": {},
      "PathParameters": {},
      "QueryParameters": {
        "grant_type": "client_credentials",
        "client_id": "...",
        "client_secret": "..."
      "Body": {}