# Global Plugin Configuration: entry.json

The global plugin configuration file entry.json is located in the Sisense Add-ons folder (/plugins) and defines some global behaviors for the Sisense plugin infrastructure that are unrelated to a specific plugin.

# Settings


Add-ons can be processed by Sisense in either "production" or "debugging" mode, as set by the isProd property of this configuration file.

In "production" mode, the plugin code is minified for better performance. In "debugging" mode, the code is not minified making debugging in the browser's developer console possible.

Ignore list

The Sisense plugin infrastructure watches the contents of the plugins folder and when a change is detected, Add-ons get processed and updated.

Using the property watchIgnore it is possible to list folders and file extensions that should be ignored by this watch processes, so that changes to them do not cause plugin re-processing. This is useful for files that are not functional parts of the plugin, such as files related to source control (example: git).

# File Format Reference

Name Type Required Description Example
isProd boolean Yes Switch between production and debugging mode true
watchIgnore string[] No A list of path partials to ignore ['node_modules']


   "isProd": true,
   "watchIgnore": [