# Metadata Item Type

Metadata Items are objects found across the Sisense application. They are the individual items within various Metadata Panels, which can be found in widgets (for example a Widget's "Categories" panel) as well as Dashboard filters.

All Metadata Items contain a jaql property defining the query-able part of the item.
Not all possible properties of this object are required or allowed in every situation - The contents will differ for widget dimensions, widget aggregations, widget filters or dashboard filters.
See JAQL documentation for more information about the syntax of the .jaql object.

Additional properties of the Metadata Item type also change based on use.
For example, only a dashboard filter item will contain the property isCascading.

# Properties

Name Type Readonly Description Example
jaql.dim string No Dimension ID "[Patients.Gender]"
jaql.datatype string No Dimension datatype "text"
jaql.title string No Item title "GENDER"
jaql.collapsed boolean No True to display in collapsed mode true
jaql.filter Object No JAQL filter - See JAQL Documentation
jaql.agg string No Aggregation name - in simple aggregations 'count'
jaql.merged boolean Yes
jaql.indexed boolean Yes
jaql.table string No Dimension's Datamodel table name "Admissions"
jaql.column string No Dimension's Datamodel column name "Patient_ID"
jaql.formula string No String formula - for formula type objects. Combined with context
jaql.context object No Object describing the context for formula tokens. Combined with formula
isCascading boolean No True for cascading (dependant) filters false


    jaql: {
        dim: "[Patients.Gender]",
        datatype: "text",
        title: "GENDER",
        collapsed: true,
        filter: {explicit: false, userMultiSelect: undefined, multiSelection: true, all: true}
    isCascading: false