# Type alias RangeDataColorOptions

RangeDataColorOptions: object

Range color options for data similar to the Range option in the Sisense UI.

Use minColor and maxColor to define the start and end color of the range. A color name (for example, red), or a hexadecimal value (for example, #ff0000) can be specified.

By default, the color range is set to match the minimum and maximum values of the data. You can also override the default value range by setting the minValue, midValue, and maxValue properties.

# Example

An example of specifying colors for data values ranging from red (for min value) to blue (for max value) with 2 more colors in between for a total of 4 colors:

  type: 'range',
  steps: 4,
  minColor: 'red',
  maxColor: 'blue',

# See

Selecting Colors in Widgets

# Type declaration

# maxColor

maxColor?: string

End color of the range

# maxValue

maxValue?: number

Maximum value explicitly set to override the maximum value of the data

# midValue

midValue?: number

Middle value explicitly set to override the middle value of the data

# minColor

minColor?: string

Start color of the range

# minValue

minValue?: number

Minimum value explicitly set to override the minimum value of the data

# steps

steps?: number

Distinct number of colors in the range

# type

type: "range"

Color options type