# Type alias IndicatorComponents

IndicatorComponents: object

Configuration options that define components of an indicator chart.

# Type declaration

# labels

labels?: object

The value labels of the indicator chart

# labels.shouldBeShown

shouldBeShown: boolean

Whether the labels should be shown

# secondaryTitle

secondaryTitle?: object

The secondary title of the indicator chart to be shown when secondary is specified in IndicatorChartDataOptions

# secondaryTitle.text

text?: string

The text of the secondary title

# ticks

ticks?: object

The ticks displayed on the indicator chart

# ticks.shouldBeShown

shouldBeShown: boolean

Whether the ticks should be shown

# title

title?: object

The main title of the indicator chart

# title.shouldBeShown

shouldBeShown: boolean

Whether the title should be shown

# title.text

text?: string

The text of the title