# Type alias CustomDrilldownResult

CustomDrilldownResult: object

Result of custom drilldown execution

User provides selected points and desired category to drilldown to and receives set of filters to apply and new category to display

# Type declaration

breadcrumbsComponent?: JSX.Element

Breadcrumbs that only allow for selection slicing, clearing, & navigation

# drilldownDimension

drilldownDimension: Attribute

New dimension that should replace the current dimension

# drilldownFilters

drilldownFilters: MembersFilter[]

The drilldown filters that should be applied to the next drilldown

# onContextMenu

onContextMenu: (menuPosition) => void

Callback to open context menu

# Parameters

Parameter Type
menuPosition MenuPosition

# Returns


# onDataPointsSelected

onDataPointsSelected: DataPointsEventHandler

Callback to provide next points to drilldown to