# Interface ExecuteQueryByWidgetIdProps

Props for ExecuteQueryByWidgetId component.

# Properties

# children

children?: (queryState) => ReactNode

Function as child component that is called to render the query results

# Parameters

Parameter Type
queryState QueryByWidgetIdState

# Returns


# count

count?: number

Number of rows to return in the query result

If not specified, the default value is 20000

# dashboardOid

dashboardOid: string

Identifier of the dashboard that contains the widget

# filters

filters?: Filter[]

Filters that will slice query results.

The provided filters will be merged with the existing widget filters based on filtersMergeStrategy

# filtersMergeStrategy

filtersMergeStrategy?: "widgetFirst" | "codeFirst" | "codeOnly"

Strategy for merging the existing widget filters (including highlights) with the filters provided via the filters and highlights props:

  • widgetFirst - prioritizes the widget filters over the provided filters in case of filter conflicts by certain attributes.
  • codeFirst - prioritizes the provided filters over the widget filters in case of filter conflicts by certain attributes.
  • codeOnly - applies only the provided filters and completely ignores the widget filters.

If not specified, the default strategy is codeFirst.

# highlights

highlights?: Filter[]

Highlight filters that will highlight results that pass filter criteria

# includeDashboardFilters

includeDashboardFilters?: boolean

Boolean flag whether to include dashboard filters in the widget's filters and highlights

If not specified, the default value is false.

# offset

offset?: number

Offset of the first row to return

If not specified, the default value is 0

# onBeforeQuery

onBeforeQuery?: (jaql) => any

Sync or async callback that allows to modify the JAQL payload before it is sent to the server.

Note: In React, wrap this function in useCallback hook to avoid triggering query execution on each render.

const onBeforeQuery = useCallback((jaql) => {
  // modify jaql here
  return jaql;
}, []);

# Parameters

Parameter Type
jaql any

# Returns


# onDataChanged

onDataChanged?: (data, queryParams) => void

Callback function that is evaluated when query results are ready

# Parameters

Parameter Type
data QueryResultData
queryParams ExecuteQueryParams

# Returns


# widgetOid

widgetOid: string

Identifier of the widget