# Interface ChartWidgetProps

Props for the ChartWidget component

# Properties

# Data

# dataSource

dataSource?: DataSource

Data source the query is run against - e.g. Sample ECommerce

If not specified, the query will use the defaultDataSource specified in the parent Sisense Context.

# filters

filters?: Filter[] | FilterRelations

Filters that will slice query results

# highlights

highlights?: Filter[]

Highlight filters that will highlight results that pass filter criteria

# Chart

# chartType

chartType: ChartType

Default chart type of each series

# dataOptions

dataOptions: ChartDataOptions

Configurations for how to interpret and present the data passed to the chart

# Widget

# description

description?: string

Description of the widget

# drilldownOptions

drilldownOptions?: DrilldownOptions

List of categories to allow drilldowns on

# highlightSelectionDisabled

highlightSelectionDisabled?: boolean

Boolean flag whether selecting data points triggers highlight filter of the selected data

Recommended to turn on when the Chart Widget component is enhanced with data drilldown by the Drilldown Widget component

If not specified, the default value is false

# styleOptions

styleOptions?: ChartWidgetStyleOptions

Style options for both the chart and widget including the widget header

# title

title?: string

Title of the widget

# Callbacks

# onBeforeRender

onBeforeRender?: BeforeRenderHandler

A callback that allows you to customize the underlying chart element before it is rendered. Use the highchartsOptions object that is passed to the callback to change options values (opens new window) and then return the modified options object. The returned options are then used when rendering the chart.

This callback is not supported for Indicator Chart, Areamap Chart, and Scattermap Chart.

For an example of how the onBeforeRender callback can be used, see the Compose SDK Charts Guide.

# onDataPointClick

onDataPointClick?: DataPointEventHandler | ScatterDataPointEventHandler | AreamapDataPointEventHandler | BoxplotDataPointEventHandler | ScattermapDataPointEventHandler

Click handler callback for a data point

# onDataPointContextMenu

onDataPointContextMenu?: DataPointEventHandler | ScatterDataPointEventHandler | BoxplotDataPointEventHandler

Context menu handler callback for a data point

# onDataPointsSelected

onDataPointsSelected?: DataPointsEventHandler | ScatterDataPointsEventHandler

Handler callback for selection of multiple data points