# Function PolarChart

PolarChart(props, context?): null | ReactElement< any, any >

A React component comparing multiple categories/variables with a spacial perspective in a radial chart. See Polar Chart for more information.

# Parameters

Parameter Type Description
props PolarChartProps Polar chart properties
context? any -

# Returns

null | ReactElement< any, any >

Polar Chart component

# Example

An example of using the component to visualize the Sample ECommerce data source:

    category: [DM.Commerce.AgeRange],
    value: [measures.sum(DM.Commerce.Revenue)],
    breakBy: [DM.Commerce.Gender],
  filters={[filters.greaterThan(DM.Commerce.Revenue, 1000)]}
  onDataPointClick= {(point, nativeEvent) => {
    console.log('clicked', point, nativeEvent);