# Function DrilldownWidget

DrilldownWidget(props): Element

React component designed to add drilldown functionality to any type of chart

It acts as a wrapper around a given chart component, enhancing it with drilldown capabilities

The widget offers several features including:

  • A context menu for initiating drilldown actions (can be provided as a custom component)
  • Breadcrumbs that not only allow for drilldown selection slicing but also provide an option to clear the selection (can be provided as a custom component)
  • Filters specifically created for drilldown operation
  • An option to navigate to the next drilldown dimension

When an initialDimension is specified, the drilldownDimension will automatically inherit its value, even before any points on the chart are selected. This allows for complete control over the chart's dimensions to be handed over to the DrilldownWidget

# Parameters

Parameter Type Description
props DrilldownWidgetProps DrilldownWidget properties

# Returns


DrilldownWidget wrapper component

# Example

Example of using the DrilldownWidget component to plot a custom React component that uses the ExecuteQuery component to query the Sample ECommerce data source hosted in a Sisense instance.

  drilldownDimensions={[DM.Commerce.AgeRange, DM.Commerce.Gender, DM.Commerce.Condition]}
  {({ drilldownFilters, drilldownDimension, onDataPointsSelected, onContextMenu }) => (
      {(data) => (