# Function ChartWidget

ChartWidget(props, context?): null | ReactElement< any, any >

The Chart Widget component extending the Chart component to support advanced BI capabilities such as drilldown.

# Parameters

Parameter Type Description
props ChartWidgetProps ChartWidget properties
context? any -

# Returns

null | ReactElement< any, any >

ChartWidget component representing a chart type as specified in ChartWidgetProps.chartType

# Example

Example of using the ChartWidget component to plot a bar chart of the Sample ECommerce data source hosted in a Sisense instance. Drill-down capability is enabled.

    category: [DM.Category.Category],
    value: [measures.sum(DM.Commerce.Revenue)],
    breakBy: [],
    drilldownCategories: [DM.Commerce.AgeRange, DM.Commerce.Gender, DM.Commerce.Condition],