# Function SisenseContextProvider

SisenseContextProvider(props): null | ReactElement< any, any >

Sisense Context Provider Component allowing you to connect to a Sisense instance and provide that context to all Compose SDK components in your application.

# Parameters

Parameter Type Description
props PropsWithChildren< SisenseContextProviderProps > Sisense context provider props

# Returns

null | ReactElement< any, any >

A Sisense Context Provider Component

# Example

Add SisenseContextProvider to the main component of your app as below and then wrap other SDK components inside this component.

import { Chart, SisenseContextProvider } from '@sisense/sdk-ui';
import * as DM from './sample-ecommerce';
import { measures } from '@sisense/sdk-data';

function App() {
  return (
        url="<instance url>" // replace with the URL of your Sisense instance
        token="<api token>" // replace with the API token of your user account

export default App;