# Retrieving RESTful Credentials

While each data source is unique and has their own endpoints, in general, Sisense needs the following information from your RESTful data source:

  • Name: Names of the tables from the data source you want to import.
  • Scheme: The Protocol to use for communicating with a data source endpoint, "Http" or "Https".
  • Method: The type of HTTP request method to use when connecting to the source GET or POST.
  • Base URL: Data source's REST API endpoint URL.
  • Path: The path after the Base URL where the sources you want to import are located.
  • Credentials: Your data source will authenticate the request so it knows who’s data to return. When connecting to the data source Sisense needs this information. This information can be provided in the QueryParameters object as a key-value pair or if your data source supports OAuth 2.0 then these details can be provided in the OAuth object.

The rest of the information you provide in the config.json relates to how you want to import the information, for example, should fields be imported as strings or integers.


The information described above can only be obtained from the data source provider.

To retrieve this information, see their online documentation.

# Example

The New York Times Articles Search API allows you to return information about articles published in the New York Times.

From the New York Times Developers website, you can retrieve the keys described above through their documentation. In this case, New York Times provides their documentation through a JSON file located here.

From this file, you can obtain the following information:


For example, if the data you want to return from the New York Times API is articles, the value of this key is "Articles".


New York Time supports both HTTP and HTTPS:

"schemes": [
  "http", "https"


The NYT Articles API uses the GET method to retrieve articles:

"paths": {
    "/articlesearch.json": {
      "get": {
        "summary": "Article Search"
        // ...

Base URL

The base URL where API can be accessed

"host": "api.nytimes.com"


A base path to the API, including the API version when it's part of the path (some APIs use other methods to specify API version)

"basePath": "/svc/search/v2"


Credential information that the API requires

"security": [
      "apikey": ["73650drgbsgedebf6046d9a76543a56"]