# Sisense Javascript API & Add-ons


Who can use this API?

  • Any Sisense designer can extend Sisense dashboards and widgets with the Javascript API.
  • Sisense admins with access to the Sisense server's filesystem can install Javascript Add-ons.

# What can I do with the API?

The Sisense web application UI was built to be easily extensible via the Javascript API. This can be done using the following two methods:

  • Dashboard and Widget extensions - Apply Javascript code via Sisense’s built in Javascript editor for specific widgets and dashboards. This will apply your code selectively to the dashboards and widgets that you choose. See Javascript Extensions for more details.
  • Javascript Add-ons - Deploy Javascript code as Add-ons into the Sisense environment. This will apply your Javascript code to the entire application. See Javascript Add-ons for more details.

Through these methods, the Sisense Javascript API lets you do things such as:

  • Build new types of widgets
  • Tweak out-of-the-box visualizations to match the exact look and feel you are looking for
  • Fine tune the application behavior for specific needs
  • Apply custom formatting

# Security and Access Control

All scripts are activated in the context of a user session. Any Sisense API calls are fully authenticated and authorized using the application authentication mechanism. Scripts are subject to the same strict API governance and internal safeguards as the application.

While JavaScript add-ons can modify the look and feel of the application, they do not allow access to any information not available to the currently authenticated user.

# Additional References